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  • Banned from your TKC atacama server




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    Post Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:05 am

    Banned from your TKC atacama server

    Hello I was playing in your Atacama server around 6:50pm est on Tuesday and having a good time without to many problems. Played 3 or 4 rounds and got top place every round then the 5th round started and the admin started scrambling the teams over and over pissing everyone off so I typed "Who is the idiot scrambling the teams" or something along those lines and then I was kicked and banned for "I am sick of your mouth and complaints, do it elsewhere"???? I would like to know what the hell this persons problem is seeing how it was an honest question, I was flying in the Apache the 3 times that he/she scrambled the teams so I lost my helicopter over and over because this guy was stuck playing on the losing team over and over so he decided to annoy everyone else by scrambling the teams 3 times in a row until it looked satisfying enough to him/her. Another thing is I'm a regular in your server so I don't understand the the problem is, Ive never seen this kind of abuse from any of your admins until now!

    In-Game name: Cpt.Brystone
    server: TKC Atacama 500 ticket
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    Post Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:13 am

    Re: Banned from your TKC atacama server

    I was the person who banned you. The language you used was much more profane than you are telling us now (I have the log). I scrambled the teams once when the previous round was over. We are having some issues that I am trying to figure out. I did not scamble over and over. You are always running your mouth, getting attitude and talking more trash than is allowed on our servers. I will unban you for the time being, but you seriously need to calm down.

    I don't know what is going on with our admin tools or if the server is wigging out, but I am working on fixing the issue (without a restart). It would be appreciated if you didn't throw gasoline on the fire while we work it out.
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