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    Post Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:19 am

    To -o]T3[o

    I don't usually care if I get banned for some silly accusations, but to be openly told to turn off "my hacks" by an admin then to be challenged by you to a stat challenge reaks of immaturity. If I caught any of our members(admins) accusing openly in chat, they wouldn't be admins long. The server should be run as you see fit, but you should be a little more respectful to players who have done nothing but frequent your server with respect and class. I'm not here looking for an unbanning, just asking that you do not ban all 9th members because you don't trust me. (Hell....as for stats, IF you find ANYTHING in my stats that would suggest a hacker, I'll eat my shorts).

    Sorry to waste your time, but I had to say my peace as the ban was a shock.
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    Post Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:48 am

    Re: To -o]T3[o

    I told you if you were running something to shut it off, correct? That means, I don't know if you are using something, but there were some fishy kills where you shouldn't of known where I was and you instantly stuck your head around the corner and killed me. I don't ban because of cheating without looking at stats first. That isn't why you were banned. You were banned because of your smart ass response. I attempted to give someone I thought MIGHT be cheating the chance to turn off their cheat before I investigated further. When you came back with your mouth, I decided to take action and TEMP banned you so I wouldn't be distracted from the game. That's it.

    I haven't banned anyone else from your clan and will lift your ban. I will say this, we ban very little for cheating... VERY LITTLE. But having to deal with kids with smart mouths all day, sometimes your fuse grows shorter than it should. For that I am sorry, but you did respond in a disrespectful manner. You could of directed me to your stats to begin with and that would of been the end of it.
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