Post Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:27 am

Reporting hacker

I wanted to complain about a hacker who was on your server. At first the hacks were subtle, shooting pilots out of the jet with only damage to the pilot. Eventually, the player became more bold, flying in the air shooting pilots out as infantry. I have attached the player's battlelog, the game in question, as well as clips I collected.

Battlelog report of round in question: ... 054427469/
Clip 1:
Clip 2:
Clip 3: (seen at the end of the clip, when an infantry member on my team chases an enemy jet and shoots them out)
Clip 4:
Clip 5: (Can see the hacker shooting out an enemy pilot)

I enjoy playing on this server and while admittedly the hacks are humorous, they ruined the game.
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