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Welcome new forum member!

Welcome to the The Killing Committee forums!

Whether you are just checking us out for a test drive, or you are in the process of filling out the application to join TKC, we want you to feel welcome and hope you will jump in with both feet to become a valued member of our forums and community.

TKC was established in May of 2008 by two gamers by the name of Big Flem and Squidward, and while they aren't around any longer, we believe they would be proud of what we have managed to accomplish since they left. We are one of the highest ranked clans according to We have competed in leagues and tournaments and at one time had over 200 members from every part of the globe. We believe we run some of the best managed game servers in the world and make every effort to create a fun environment for everyone. In addition to all that, we give away prizes, have clan events for both members and occasionally non-members and we even have our own ranking system for supported games, eLitE.

So again, welcome, we hope you'll stick around for a while and will help make TKC even better.

Don't forget to stop in and say hi on our TeamSpeak server:

-TKC Clan Leaders

One last thing, currently new forum users first 5 posts will have to be approved. This is to protect against spam bots that get through our protection occasionally. Don't worry though, we have quite a few moderators and someone will approve your post pretty quickly in most circumstances. Thanks.
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